Gerald Asher

.Net Developer working with .Net, .Net Core, C#, VB, JavaScript, AngularJS, VueJS, Jquery, Ajax, JSON, XML, WebForms, MVC, SQL Server, MySQL, Photoshop, CSS & Bootstrap normally in Visual Studio 2015, VS Code and Sublime Text 3.

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562 882-1419

C# & VB.Net

Models, Views, Controllers, Shared Views, Code Behinds, ASP.Net & Core, IIS. Setup & Maintain code in MVC Sites and/or SPAs

Mobile Development

I work with Ionic 2, PhoneGap / Cordova, Javascript and CSS to create hybrid apps. As far as mobile web development, I use Bootstrap for responsive website designs.

Database Development

I am comfortable with SQL Server Management Studio as well as MySQL and MongoDB for NoSQL dbs. Designing and building databases from scratch as well as writing SQL & Linq statements.

Development Tools

I work daily in Visual Studio 2015, VS Code and Photoshop to build web pages and apps. I am well versed with Responsive web and Bootstrap.

Scripting Languages

I work with AngularJS, VueJS, Jquery and Ajax in web pages. I build mobile apps using Ionic 2 and Angular 2. Get & Post JSON from the server as needed with Ajax calls to a WebAPI. I've also had some exposure to Meteor.js and Knockout.js.


SEO, Google Analytics, Adwords, Organic Search. I work on implementing on-page SEO maintenance as needed. I work within Webmaster Tools to monitor and maintain server issues such as 301s, 404s, 500s and issues as found. I setup and maintain sitemaps as needed. Work with SEO and PPC vendors to implement site needs.

Marketing Automation

Well versed with Acton Software for the creation of email marketing campaigns. Uploading, Segmenting lists as needed per user interaction.

Digital Marketing

I always try to keep an eye as to how the user/persona will be interacting with the website, landing pages and/or email campaigns. The need to place a higher value on user context is becoming an algorithm requirement.